Wednesday, September 2

Justin Bieber


Anonymous said...

I wanna tongue fuck the shit out of that white bubble butt

horror fan said...

he looks awful nowadays. Is he doing drugs?

Unknown said...

me too

Anonymous said...

Justin fucked me!!! It wasn't the best, but he did eat my ass for like a hour...I ate his and we fucked. so this post doesn't help me.

Anonymous said...

tha things ppl say 4 attention smh��

Anonymous said...

Is the owner of this blog dead?

Anonymous said...

Is Tupac dead?

Unknown said...

-_-...........BOY IF YOU DON'T!.....

mk said...

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Anonymous said...

When will we see more and is there anyway we can submit donations to help out cause I really enjoy this site

horror fan said...

Please post more, Buddha Bby! I love you so much. I'll help with submissions and donations boo!

horror fan said...

And then you woke up...all your parents' basement. LMAO!!!

Lawrence O'Neill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

God I wanna lick his hot ass :-D

KingDa'Briyon XLI said...

ROTFL y'all ppl Be going in on this page

Anonymous said...

Justin bieber is ugly trash, stop posting him

HornyHenryHilliard said...

For those asking to donate, please reconsider. The other two main blogs have already pulled that scheme. He is obviously alive as he has been deleting comments. Perhaps he found Jesus. If he did, keep him because I don't want him.

Anonymous said...

He certainly complied with your wish. He stopped posting everything! Unprotected sex will KILL as this blog author/photo pirate proved to all of us.

horror fan said...

He is not trash to everyone. Him being trash in your opinion. I think he's sexy as fuck. So there!

horror fan said...

I thought the author of that particular comment deleted his own comment, and not the author of the main blog. And what are the other two main blogs? I know of Underneathestarz and BubbleButtz or something like that.

horror fan said...


Anonymous said...

He's ugly white trash and you're ugly white trash move along

Anonymous said...

Dude who runs underneathestarz thinks his shit dont stink!!!!! That nigga got mad cause ppl voted for who they wanted to win in booty of the year lmao!!!!!


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